Yilam offers a range of ethically sourced high quality camping equipment and on Country experiences for Mob and socially conscious campers. Our initial product lines (which are currently in development) are listed below.

Our ‘On Country’ range offers all the basic equipment needed to head out bush including:

  • Tents (roof-top/ground/beach)
  • Sleeping bags
  • Cooking equipment (pot set/jet boiler/grate)
  • Dinner wear (zero waste wheat plastic dinner set/enamel mugs/thermos mugs)
  • Camp chair/tables
  • Personal hygiene (biodegradable body wipes/travel towel)

Our ‘Connecting to Country’ experience range offers bespoke camping packages that centre Aboriginal philosophies of respectfully connecting to and caring for Country including:

  • Aboriginal women’s cultural packages – tailored camping trips focused on healing through cultural practice and connecting to Country
  • Beginners camping trips – focused on introducing new or curious people/groups to the basics of camping and respectfully engaging with Country.


Kaley Nicholson

E: kaley@yilam.com.au
T: 0478 700 446