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Culture and Country

Learn about the history of Taungurung, the stories passed down through many generations, shared through spoken word and artefacts.

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Taungurung Land and Waters Council (TLaWC) was registered 16 July 2009 as the Registered Aboriginal Party that represents the interests of the Taungurung people.

TLaWC is the corporate representative and ‘face’ of the Taungurung people and serves to uphold their interests with respect to culture and country.

Our Daily Operation

TLaWC protects the cultural heritage of Taungurung people by performing the functions of a Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP) under the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.

TLaWC develops projects for the economic, social and cultural well-being of Taungurung people. We provide opportunities for engagement in cultural events by facilitating camps, activities, and educational workshops for Taungurung people and minimise the barriers to participation.

TLaWC also provides services for natural resource management. We liaise with governmental bodies, private land owners, developers, and other stakeholders to assist with applying protocol for best land and water management practices to ensure environmental and cultural heritage preservation.

We develop educational resources for use in schools, libraries, and community groups to promote and raise cultural awareness in our communities.

We keep our members informed and connected. Through our online social media presence and dissemination of monthly newsletters we enable TLaWC members and the wider community to be aware of the latest news, cultural events, health services, job and educational opportunities, as well as other potential pathways for social and economic well-being.


After years of tireless advocacy from Aboriginal leaders, Victoria is the first state to progress Treaty discussions.

The First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria is the voice for Aboriginal communities across the state, representing them in the next phase of the Treaty process.

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We encourage everyone who is eligible to vote in Assembly elections to enrol now through the online form. Joining the Aboriginal Electoral Roll is a way to have your voice heard and make sure you are represented in the Treaty process.

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