Cultural Experiences

Are you seeking an Aboriginal-led guided cultural tour experience in Central Victoria?

In November this year we will commence operating our half day scheduled tours on Taungurung Country, departing from Nagambie and Euroa – two beautiful locations, less than 2 hours from Melbourne.

Our experiences are about strengthening the Taungurung Nation. Enabling our self-determined story to be shared, respected and celebrated.  Our experiences will connect you to the people and places at the heart of the Taungurung story – a resilient story that spans thousands of years.  Meet our passionate Taungurung guides who explain about our traditional and contemporary cultural practices.  Understand what being a custodian of Country means for us today as we walk you through important and scenic areas of Country that will leave a lasting impression on you.

We celebrate the small sensorial moments of connection with and on Country. Whether it is listening to the beauty of Taungurung language spoken or sung by our Elders, feeling the curves of a finely carved daanak (traditional bark carrier) -a skill passed down through the generations; smelling the smoke of fire as it cleanses both your spirit and the land during ceremony, or perhaps tasting the vibrancy of bush food flavours found in our delicious morning teas.  We yarn, we walk, we cruise, we dance, we listen, and we reflect.

Our small group cultural experiences cater to a maximum of 15 guests per tour and will be managed by two Taungurung guides so we can move gently through Country and give you a personalised experience.

We are excited to welcome you to Taungurung Country. We are paving our positive future and are honoured that you wish to share this journey with us.

If you’d like to learn more or be on the waiting list for our tours once they are released, please reach out to