Who are the Taungurung Clans?

Who are the Taungurung Clans?

The Taungurung people occupy much of central Victoria. Our country encompasses the area between the upper reaches of the Goulburn River and its tributaries north of the Dividing Range. From the Campaspe River to Kilmore in the West, eastwards to Mount Beauty, from Benalla in the north down to the top of the Great Dividing Range, our boundaries with other Aboriginal tribes are respected in accordance with traditional laws.

Traditionally, our people lived a hunter/gatherer existence. The various clan groups migrated through their territory dependent upon the seasonal variations of weather and the availability of food.

The Taungurung people are closely affiliated with their neighbouring tribes through language, ceremonies and kinship ties. We are part of an alliance with the five adjoining tribes to form the Kulin Nation.

Other members of the Kulin Nation are the Woiwurrung, Boonwurrung, Wathaurung and Djadjawurrung.

The Kulin National group also shares common dreamtime ancestors, creation stories, religious beliefs and economic and social relationships.