Taungurung Artist Requests


The ‘Taungurung Artist Requests – Expressions of Interest’ form is for organisations and individuals seeking Taungurung art from a Taungurung artist.

To ensure Taungurung artists have all the required information to assess your request, please try to provide as much information as possible on all the topics listed below.

All EOIs will be received by TLaWC and distributed to the artist database.

TLaWC is not involved in, or responsible for, the negotiations between organisations/individuals and the Taungurung artist, but may offer assistance and guidance to the Taungurung artist (where applicable).

Please note: Using the artwork in more than one context may result in different charges. Original Copyright will remain with the artist. If your project requires additional productions, please speak to the artist directly following the submission of the EOI form.

Project Contact(Required)
If yes, please add date and any milestone dates.
Price can be negotiated with artist.
Please provide a description of what type of work you would like for this project (do you have a theme or any requirements, elements that must be included or avoided, colour palette etc.)?
If there is a location, please include here.
Do you intend on re-using the artwork in anything more than this project as stated above?
Will you require an invoice from this artist for them to be paid? Are there any special items that need to be placed on the invoice (if your payment system is different to general payment systems and requires further supplier information, please note).
Please add any further questions or information you may have to assist the artist.