Taungurung Sample Lesson


Traditional Owner languages are considered intangible cultural heritage under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006. There may be restrictions and/or requirements for the use of language and the intellectual property of the word should be respected.

Costs: $60 + GST
(This is the minimum payment for 1 to 3 words and covers staffing research expenses)

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Taungurung Language App*

TLaWC Language Logos are subject to copyright. Please contact our office for details.

There is a free Taungurung language app available from the Appstore. This excellent learning resource provides the foundations of Taungurung language. It contains 194 professionally recorded audio entries with corresponding images and words.

This language app was created with support from VACL, Miromaa Aboriginal Language and Technology Centre, Buxton Primary School, and Taungurung Elder and language expert, Aunty Lee Healy.

*Please note, the app is only available for download on Apple devices.