About BIIK

BIIK Land Management delivers on ground works for the healing and caring for Taungurung Country. The team achieves this in line with the objectives set by the nation in the Cultural Land Management Strategy. Utilising cultural and contemporary practices, Biik have a large presence on Taungurung Country and lead by example in the land management space.

Please see below to read about the current projects and priorities of the BIIK team.

Reach out to us via wawa@biik.com.au

Population Monitoring

Biik has partnered with Zoos Victoria and ecologist Matt West to monitor populations of Blackfish in the Taponga River, which is part of the Big River catchment near Eildon. The monitoring program reads tagged fish and will help inform how pressure from trout affects populations of blackfish and the endangered spotted tree frog.

Planting at the Campaspe River

Biik worked with NCCMA to plant 900 plants at the Knowsley site in 2023 as part of a revegetation program to address the bank stability issue from the flood events in Oct 2022. This work will help increase native vegetation on the riparian zone and stabilise the soil to mitigate further erosion, healing an important location on Taungurung Country.

Forest Health Assessments

Biik develops and refines forest health assessments in both Ash and Snowgum forests at Mt Buffalo. This involves collecting data on eucalyptus flowering events, canopy conditions, evidence of past forest disturbance, weed presence, and evidence of faunal presence. The team also deployed moth traps at sites on Alpine Country and noted respective moth numbers found.