Since 2009, Shine People Solutions has been Recruiting for and growing our network of Indigenous Professionals, Executives, and White-collar workers.  We recruit for all levels of permanent, white-collar roles; anything from front line staff, all the way up to CEO and Board Member level.  For the past 5 years we have become highly specialised in area of Indigenous recruitment in these roles.  No other company in Australia has an Indigenous Professionals network as extensive as ours.  Because of this, and the incredible service we give, we have become the Indigenous, Professional Recruiter of Choice.

There was a change in the landscape here in Australia after the George Floyd incident, and the protests and awakening of the broader community that came along with it.  Since then, we have been inundated with organisations of all sizes and types, reaching out to us as they finally get serious about the Indigenous Employment sections of their Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Now is an incredible time and opportunity for Mob to gain access to roles that are not openly advertised.  If you are a professional or white-collar worker, reach out to us and have a yarn.  More and more, these roles are becoming available for senior members of staff.  You might not be actively looking for a new job right now, but if you don’t connect with us, we can’t let you know when an incredible opportunity comes up that might be your dream job.

Don’t wait, reach out to me now.


Greg Sax
Shine People Solutions

E: greg@shinepeoplesolutions.com.au
T: 0414 867 618