Training, mentoring and consultancy services for Indigenous, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups.

NBE is passionate about its mission of engaging with indigenous, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups providing assistance to jobseekers, individuals wanting to progress with their career through training and structured mentor programs.

We provide a structured approach to welcome our participants from their initial registration with our organisation through to their placement in the workforce, empowering our students by creating stability in training and a sense of belonging to assist them to become future leaders in their careers.

Our specialised indigenous consultant engages with participants from all social backgrounds and can identify students that need extra assistance to sustain education pathways and successful employment positions.

Through both our jobseeker services and our corporate services we provide practical assistance to government in its commitment to improving opportunities for the indigenous population and it’s Closing the Gap initiatives.

In particular, NBE provides expert advice and assistance on government plans such as the Major Projects Skills Guarantee. The help we provide for the requirements in policy and reporting can prove invaluable for our corporate clients. In summary, we take pride in being an expert when it comes to indigenous employment.

Tiffany also has an art portfolio that can be viewed here


Tiffany Hunter

E: tiffany@nerdubadji.com
T: 0497 078 475