ThermoBuild specialise in building Passive Houses, which are low energy, comfortable, healthy living spaces. We also focus on using local, sustainable materials with low-embodied energy wherever possible.
Why we build High Performing Buildings 

There are many reasons why we’re passionate about building and retrofitting high performance & Passive House homes. In a constantly changing climate, we believe the need for better buildings that utilise their surrounding environment, and minimise they’re footprint is the road to a stable climate 

Our aim is to raise the bar for low energy living and create comfortable and efficient living spaces, free from mould, allergens, and uncomfortable temperatures/humidity, all whilst using next to no energy from the grid.

Our Ethos

We are passionate builders and master craftspeople. We take great care with our decision making, weather that be in the design or building phase, to ensure controlled outcomes in the delivery of quality workmanship and environmental performance.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out.