If we look after the Country – the Country will look after us, but we have to remember where we have come from and the journey our old people have already made.Quoted by The late Taungurung Elder Uncle Brian Patterson

Learn About Taungurung Country

Our culture is vibrant, complex and important.

We are a part of the Kulin Nation: an alliance of five language groups in central Victoria. We share common dreamtime ancestors and creation stories, religious beliefs and economic and social relationships.

Learn About Taungurung Culture

We’re passing Taungurung culture on to the next generation.

Elders assist with the instruction of younger generations in culture, history, and language and furthering of their knowledge and appreciation of their heritage as the rightful custodians of the Taungurung lands in Central Victoria.

Education Resources

Language Lesson

budja budj-a
durnong durn-ong
glider possum
durarong dur-ra-rong
kookaburra / called the bushmen's timepiece
djimbangga djim-bang-ga
red kangaroo

Taken from Taungurung – Liwik-nganjin-al Ngula-dhan, compiled by Mrs. Lee Healy.

Taungurung Language App

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It is with great pleasure to announce the Taungurung Language App is now available for free download from the Apple App store. Please note the app is only available on Apple devices.     Description from the App Store This app is an… read more

Taungurung in this years Tanderrum

Photo: James Henry

The Taungurung people can be very proud of the contribution of the Taungurung performers at the Tanderrum, held this year on 4 October. The Tanderrum brings together the entire Kulin Nation in an annual ceremony at Federation Square to open… read more