Wumindjika (welcome) to Ngobi-an Gadhaba (learn together) garden created by Gadhaba Local Aboriginal Network.  Let’s introduce you to some of the plants used by local Aboriginal people for food, medicine, tools and fibre. 

Mansfield is located on the lands of the Yowung-illam-balluk clan of the Taungurung Nation, the First People of the rivers, valleys and mountains of this region. 

The project was developed by Gadhaba Local Aboriginal Network and funded by the Korin Korin Balit Djak program of the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing and developed in partnership with the Mansfield Shire Council, Taungurung Land and Waters Council and local organisations. 

Warning: When you see a berry or flower, please don’t pick or eat it as it may need special treatment and preparation before it can be safely used.