Sign 4: Signs of Taungurung occupation

Location: Near Yea Quarry

Images:  Scarred Tree


We welcome you to Taungurung Country and invite you to celebrate the history and culture of the Taungurung Nation – the first people of the rivers and mountains

The remaining evidence of the cultural practises of our Taungurung Ancestors helps us understand their incredible ingenuity. Scarred trees and oven mounds are prime examples of this.

Scarred trees are the result of the removal of bark from the tree to use for Gurrong (canoes), Daanak (wooden vessel) for carrying food or babies, Giyaam (shields), and to build temporary Yilam (shelters). This was done traditionally with the help of Garrgiyn (ground stone axes) for which a complex technological process was required. The removal of the bark was done in such a way that the tree would be able to heal and survive. The resulting scars varied in size and shape according to the bark’s purpose. 

Yea is a significant cultural landscape due to the scarred trees and oven mounds that reveals the way of life of our Ancestors. Oven mounds were used by our Ancestors to cook their food. In addition to the wood necessary as fuel, our ancestors used stones and clay balls as heat retainers, which allowed for a more consistent and prolonged way of roasting a tasty meal.

We ask you to respect these cultural sites and connect with us to learn more: