Wominjeka Taungurung Biik

Sign 1: Welcome to Country

Location: Tallarook Entrance

Images: Taungurung logo and flag


We welcome you to Taungurung Country and invite you to celebrate the history and culture of the Taungurung Nation – the first people of the rivers and mountains.

In our language, Tallarook means ‘call of the wattle bird’. The Taungurung People, as the Traditional Owners of this Country, have a continuing connection to the land, waters, and all living things herein. Our Ancestors had an intimate knowledge of the environment and migrated through the landscape determined by seasonal variations in weather and availability of food, Country management needs, as well as for cultural and ceremonial purposes.

The Great Victorian Rail trail (GVRT) follows roughly the Goulburn River floodplain, one of the main traditional songlines on Country, encompassing areas where several different traditional Taungurung Clans lived for millennia.

Today, Taungurung people are recovering a sense of shared identity, common purpose, and cultural vitality. We are embarked upon an intentional journey to reclaim our culture, assert our history, revitalise our language and embrace our rightful involvement as custodians of Taungurung lands.

To connect with us and learn more, visit www.taungurung.com.au