Position Title:

Ranger – TLaWC (Designated Aboriginal Position)


Northern Victoria/East Region


North Central/ Northern Rivers/ North East


To be negotiated – Bright, Mt Buffalo, Whigield, Mansfield, Eildon, Alexandra, Kinglake




Grade 2 – 2.1

Hiring Manager:

District Manager, Northern Rivers & Acting District Manager, North East District

Position in Context

The Recognition and Settlement Agreement (RSA) between the Taungurung Traditional Owner Group and the State of Victoria, under Victoria’s Traditional Owner Settlement Act 2010, recognises the Taungurung as the Traditional Owners of approximately 913,000 hectares of public land. Nine designated areas of public land have been transferred to the Taungurung Land & Waters Council (TLaWC) under ‘Aboriginal Title’ as part of the RSA, as follows: Mt Buffalo National Park, Alpine National Park, Mt Samaria State Park, Lake Eildon National Park, Cathedral Range State Park, Kinglake National Park, Wandong Reserve, Heathcote Graytown National Park, Mount Wombat-Garden Range Nature Conservation Reserve.

Through the RSA, the Minister for Environment and Climate Change, on behalf of the State of Victoria, has entered into a sub-agreement called a Traditional Owner Land Management Agreement (TOLMA) with the Taungurung Land & Waters Council (TLaWC) over the ‘Aboriginal Title’ lands under the Conservation, Forests and Lands Act 1987 (Vic.) The objectives of joint management under the TOLMA are to establish an equitable partnership between the State of Victoria and TLaWC that:

  • Ensures Taungurung involvement in the management of the nine designated areas subject to Aboriginal Title
  • Benefits the Taungurung people by recognising, valuing, promoting, and incorporating their culture and knowledge in all decision-making processes
  • Identifies employment opportunities for Taungurung people in the day-to-day operations of the relevant parks and reserves
  • Enhances the experience of all Victorians and visitors through the provision of Aboriginal cultural education, services and information
  • Conserves, protects and enhances natural and cultural values
    Ensures the wellbeing of Country and the wellbeing of people.

TLaWC and Parks Victoria have agreed that the Rangers in the program will be employed by TLaWC, then seconded over to Parks Victoria to support the implementation of Joint Management.

This RSA binds the State of Victoria and the Taungurung People to a meaningful partnership founded on mutual respect. It is a means by which Taungurung culture and traditional practices and the unique relationship of Taungurung people to their Traditional country are recognised, strengthened, protected and promoted, for the benefit of all Victorians, now and into the future.

Position Purpose

The primary focus of the position is to;

  • Work as part of a team committed to providing a high level of performance in service delivery across all Aboriginal title parks and reserves
  • Support the further development of Taungurung cultural practices by sharing their knowledge of culture and customs relating to Country and so incorporate Taungurung knowledge and cultural values into current land management practices;
  • Deliver programs agreed though the partnership between TLaWC and Parks Victoria, in accordance with Parks Victoria policy, procedures and standards;
  • Protect and enhance visitor experience and facilities;
  • Provide Information, interpretation and education of Taungurung culture, heritage and values where identified and appropriate;
  • Facilitate the transfer of knowledge between Parks Victoria staff and Taungurung rangers so as to increase understanding and appreciation of the various aspects of park management.

Designated Aboriginal Position

Taungurung applicants are invited to contact PV’s Aboriginal People and Culture Advisor Wendy Berick on;
M: +61 400 873 709
E: wendy.berick@parks.vic.gov.au , for advice and support with your application.

This position has been identified for members of the Taungurung Nation. This is a designated Aboriginal position under “special measures” section 12 of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010. Only Taungurung people are eligible to apply for this position. Applicants will be required to provide a Confirmation of Aboriginality form, endorsed by the Taungurung Land & Waters Council.

Key Accountabilities

Environment Land and Water  Undertake the delivery of such projects as managing pest animals, pest plants, threatened species and land and waterways management, including monitoring to determine effectiveness and efficiency of project delivery as required. 
Culture and Heritage 

Undertake and deliver such programs within the parks/reserves/sites that will ensure the protection, management, interpretation and promotion of the Taungurung culture, where appropriate.

Assist with the development and integration of Taungurung traditional and contemporary environmental and cultural customs where identified and appropriate into current management practices.

Provide advice to park staff on issues affecting the responsible management of all aspects of land management and facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experience and skills 

Visitor Experience

Provide efficient and effective delivery of park management and visitor services, including education, in accordance with approved plans, policies, and programs. Monitor outcomes against agreed standards, including enforcement of regulations.

Ensure park visitors are provided with accurate information and friendly, courteous advice about the safe, sustainable use and enjoyment of Parks Victoria’s facilities and services. 

Fire and Emergency Respond to a range of emergency situations including search and rescue operations, prescribed burning and wildfire suppression, and wildlife rescue by active participation, support and provision of technical information. 
Sustainable Organisation  Supervise seasonal staff, casual staff, contractors and volunteers as required within Occupational Health and Safety and Equal Opportunity legislation, while implementing Parks Victoria programs. 
Values, Safety and Wellbeing

Champion Parks Victoria’s preferred culture to meet Parks Victoria’s corporate objectives and to promote teamwork, employee development and empowerment to foster a culture of high performance and a workforce which demonstrates behaviours consistent with Parks Victoria’s corporate values.

Provide and maintain a working environment that, as far as reasonably practicable, is safe and without risks to the health, safety and wellbeing of all (employees, contractors, volunteers). 

Selection Criteria Your application will be assessed against the following Qualifications and Experience and Key Capabilities Desirable Qualifications & Experience

  • Certificate or Diploma in Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management or equivalent.
  • Demonstrated supervisory skills.
  • Demonstrated strengths in customer service, communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrated experience and knowledge of computer software including Microsoft Office.
  • Relevant level of knowledge of regulations and compliance procedures.

Basic Behavioural Requirements

  • All staff are expected to support Parks Victoria’s vision, mission, and organisational commitments. This includes modelling behaviours outlined in the Victorian Public Sector Code of Conduct. 
Code Capability Description
L1-D  External and Internal Relationships  Maintains effective relationships with colleagues and stakeholders 
O6-D  Operational Focus  Displays sound understanding of organisational purpose, directions and governance for managing the parks estate and applies these in day to day and longer-term work. 
P1 Self Awareness and Self Management  Has a clear perception of own personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions, and actively practices self-management of both performance and behaviour. 
P2 Teamwork Willingly cooperates and works collaboratively towards solutions that generally benefit all involved parties and to accomplish organisational objectives. 
S1-C Project Management Demonstrates sound project management skills on whole projects with minimal supervision. 
03-C Culture and Heritage Demonstrates a practical understanding of cultural heritage values in their area of operation to carry out heritage management programs to agreed standards 

Organisational Commitments for all Staff

Parks Victoria is a key support agency in Emergency Management. All staff may be directed to perform fire and emergency and/or business continuity roles as required. This can include carrying out these roles in alternative locations around Victoria.

Parks Victoria is committed to ensuring a culturally safe work environment for Aboriginal people and values the beliefs, knowledge and views of Traditional Owners. This includes empowering Traditional Owners to equitably participate in the governance and management of Country. All Parks Victoria staff are expected to support this commitment.

Key Partner

  • Taungurung Land & Waters Council (TLaWC)

Key Stakeholders


  • District and Regional Management
  • Regional Operations Team
  • People and Culture Branch
  • Managing Country Together Directorate


  • Taungurung Traditional Owner Land Management Board (TOLMB)
  • Taungurung people
  • Members of the Public
  • Local Community Groups
  • Local Agencies (e,g. water bodies) 

To apply for this job email your details to jobs@taungurung.com.au.