Taungurung Land and Waters Council

The Community Programs Manager is responsible for developing and managing a range of community programs that directly benefit Taungurung people and contribute to their social, cultural and emotional well-being.

The Community Programs Manager will develop strong relationships with State Government agencies and with philanthropic bodies in order to source financial support for Taungurung community programs, and will at all times be well attuned to Taungurung community aspirations.

  • Salary $91,000 – $99,000
  • Based in Broadford
  • Full-time

Key Duties

  1. Provide management, leadership and support to the TLaWC Community Programs staff
  2. Develop and implement initiatives with new and existing partner organisations
  3. Work closely with the Executive Manager, staff and Taungurung community to develop further community programs and opportunities
  4. Take primary responsibility for implementing the Implementation Plan that was the outcome of the Taungurung family engagement project
  5. Manage the planning and conduct of community camps and the delivery of specialist programs dealing with such matters as lateral violence and inter-generational trauma
  6. Lead the development and implementation of community benefits programs (eg the Bringing the Mob Home initiative and Sorry Business assistance) from moneys paid into the Taungurung Charitable Trust
  7. Oversee the building and improvement of the members’ database
  8. Oversee Taungurung’s language revitalistion program and the operation of the Language Reference Group
  9. Oversee the maintenance of the Membership List and all membership matters
  10. Take responsibility for the development of school engagement and education programs
  11. Seek additional funding sources for TLaWC community projects
  12. Lead the process of program reporting, review and assessment
  13. Manage the convening and functionality of the Elders  Advisory Group
  14. Oversee the preparation for Taungurung participation in the annual Tanderrum
  15. Develop initiatives to increase the health and well-being of the Taungurung people

Selection Criteria

Essential knowledge and skills

  • Relevant tertiary qualifications, which may include community development, social work, Aboriginal studies, psychology, or social science
  • Demonstrable experience in supervising, leading and managing a team across different functions, projects and capacities for the successful achievement of program goals
  • Strong understanding of and commitment to the principles of community development and of how those principles could be applied in the Taungurung context
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and sensitively with Aboriginal people
  • A demonstrated understanding of the issues affecting the wellbeing of Aboriginal people
  • Ability to work calmly and consistently under pressure, and to prioritise and effectively manage multiple competing work tasks in a demanding environment
  • Ability to engage effectively in leadership and management processes including multi-disciplinary/cross sector initiatives and partnerships
  • Highly developed and demonstrated communication skills – both interpersonal and in writing
  • Financial management skills sufficient to be able to develop and monitor project budgets and to acquit funding grants

Personal qualities

  1. Good professional judgment and confident decision-making in relation to core duties
  2. High ethical standards and personal integrity
  3. Ability to maintain confidentiality in relation to sensitive information
  4. A strong work ethic and an ability to attend to duties without constant supervision and direction
  5. Strong organising and time management habits
  6. A high degree of emotional intelligence

Adherence to Code of Conduct

All TLaWC staff must comply fully with the staff Code of Conduct.

Key Performance Indicators

  • TLaWC has a demonstrably stronger connection with and knowledge of its members
  • There is a strong program of community activities in place and opportunities for participation by Taungurung people of all ages
  • Strong partnerships with relevant stakeholders have been established – whether funding bodies, philanthropic organisations or other Indigenous civil society networks
  • TLaWC community programs (camps, language activities, Tanderrum etc) are well organised, well conducted and well thought of by the members
  • TLaWC membership matters are well recorded, researched and managed
  • New program opportunities are being developed to contribute to Taungurung wellbeing

To apply for this job, please email your resume and cover letter addressing the key selection criteria by clicking on the link below.

To apply for this job email your details to jobs@taungurung.com.au.