Taungurung Language Dictionary


Taungurung Language Dictionary 00001

Liwik-nganjin-al Ngula-dhan | Our Ancestors Language

Yaawinbu Yananinon | Enjoy the Journey

The beautifully designed language dictionary was compiled by Aunty Lee Healy; a Taungurung Elder and Linguist and Projects Coordinator at Taungurung Clans Aboriginal Corporation. It contains over 400 pages and includes Taungurung to English, and English to Taungurung translation. It also contains a section on pronouns and verb endings, as well as an additional diagram and legend detailing the meaning of the symbols on the possum skin cloak. (as pictured on the front cover).


  • Publisher:Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages (VACL)
  • ISBN-13:978-0-9871337-1-7
  • Pages:415
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