April 4, 2018

Taungurung 9 Clans

The traditional Taungurung people consisted of nine clans:

  • Budhera-bulok – located on the Goulburn River at Seymour.
  • Leuk-Yilam – located near Kilmore.
  • Mum-mum-Yilam – lived west of the Campaspe River, and northwest of Mitchellstown.
  • Naterrak-bulok – west of the Goulburn River near Seymour.
  • Nira-bulok – meaning ‘Cave’, Kilmore
  • Waring-Yilam-bulok – junction of the Yea River and Goulburn River.
  • Yaran-Yilam-bulok – east side of the Goulburn River between Seymour and Mitchellstown.
  • Yiran-Yilam-bulok – located on the Broken River above and below Benalla.
  • Yawang-Yilam-bulok – located at Alexandria and Mansfield.

Sadly there are descendants of only five of those clan groups that survive today.