Artist Wanted for Kyneton District Health Project!

To celebrate NAIDOC week 2018, Kyneton District Health (KDH) is looking to redesign it’s interior windows to feature Taungurung artwork.

The concept for the artwork is to be inspired by Taungurung culture, and must adhere to the size dimensions, as mentioned below. 

The artwork is to be provided in a high resolution digital format, where it will then be printed on adhesive film, to be applied to the window. The adhesive will have a subtle frosted texture, and the design should not completely obscure the visibility through the glass.

The following images show some samples that demonstrate the concept that KDH is looking for. 

Window Dimensions:

There are five panes of glass to be included in the piece, as pictured above. 

The panel measurements are:
First window (nearest the sliding door entry) =

2550mm high X 1560mm wide

4 x other windows=

2550mm High X 850mm wide


TCAC  requests any artists who are interested in this project to submit their artwork by email to:

Please let TCAC know if you have any issues converting your artwork to digital file.

Please note, submissions will only be accepted by Taungurung members. 

Submissions close June 15th 

 The designs will be judged by staff from the Kyneton District Health and the chosen artist will have their design featured at the centre. 

Their will be a cash reward to the artist! 


Keep in mind the design will need to be printed on adhesive film, so simple designs will be most effective. Too much detail could be lost due to the conversion to a large size format. Note the simple monotone colours in the samples provided by KDH. 

Also, note in the sample images, the way the designs seamlessly flow across several windows, rather than different images being used for each window. 

Keep in mind that KDH are looking for an image that represents Taungurung culture.

Have fun! We look forward to seeing your submissions.